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Rain Barrels

Rain Barrels

H2O CUBE Water Savers were designed and manufactured by Century Plastics. They are available in Forest Green and THREE “FAUX GRANITE” colours: Black Granite, Sandstone & BlackSand. These unique, extremely attractive rain barrels blend in with nearby brickwork or stonework.

Unlike most other cheaper rain barrels available at retail outlets, H2O CUBES are rotationally molded with thick walls so they are extremely durable and made with UV Resistant materials which will allow them to be used for an extended period of time vs. thinner walled, injection molded products. H2O CUBES are unique, attractive products that are shipped with a metal tap and strainer basket. H2O CUBE Water Savers will hold 75 Imperial gallons, 90 US gallons or 345 Litres.

Several cemeteries have made it easy & convenient for families to have water readily available for plants & flower arrangements by locating several H2O CUBES throughout the cemetery. They are also ideal for watering plants, garden beds and shrubs near doors & entrances of buildings.

“Function .…………… with STYLE”

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Product Number & Dimensions

Product Size Length Width Standard Height
H20 CUBE N/A 20" 24" 44"