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Medallion Flower Vases

Flower Vases

Medallion Flower Vases were designed & manufactured based on the requests and specifications of cemeteries in British Columbia and Washington State. They are designed with functionality and durability in mind. Their sleek and simplistic design make the Medallion Flower Vase easy to use and also easy to manage. When not in use for flowers, the Vase can be inverted and placed inside the Holder below the top surface so that it is not exposed and is out of the way for cemetery staff using trimmers and lawnmowers.

Medallion Flower Vases are manufactured in Black Granite ONLY, easy to order and provide three order options when purchasing. Most importantly, the Vase will fit in other traditional plastic & metal Holders. They are extremely attractive, durable for extended use into the future and most importantly inexpensive vs. the cost of other flower Vases & Holders.

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Product Number & Dimensions

Product Size Length Width Standard Height
MFV200 Vase + Holder N/A 5¼" 9"
MFV150 Holders ONLY N/A 5¼" 9"
MFV100 Vases ONLY N/A 3¼" 6 7/8"