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About Us

Medallion Cremation Urn Vaults are designed and manufactured by Century Plastics, a rotational moulding plastic manufacturer founded in 1975. With over 43 years of applying technical expertise to create moulded plastic products for demanding commercial & industrial applications, it was a natural extension to design and manufacture the most comprehensive line of Cremation Urn Vaults and Casket Liners for Infants & Children available; thus inspired Medallion Cremation Urn Vaults and Casket Liners. These innovative vaults and liners are designed to last. 

Working closely with cemeteries and funeral homes to learn what styles and sizes would best suit their needs & their families’ needs, we created cremation urn vaults that feature the classic look of cut granite; a great comfort to bereaved families and preferred to basic, plain industrial-looking containers. The design and sizing of our urn vaults allows families and friends to place photographs, favourite items, letters, and beloved articles alongside the urn for interment ……… “Preserving Lasting Memories”

Pleased with our new, dignified, durable and attractive urn vaults, local cemeteries then requested two additional, larger sizes of this innovative and unique product. This marked the formal entry of Century Plastics into the funeral services industry with the design now known as the “HERITAGE” vaults, currently available in 3 sizes.

Soon, two other local cemeteries requested a new design for their specific needs:
  • a larger urn vault that would accommodate two 7 ½” diameter urns
  • a cylindrical vault that would permit an 18” auger to be used to “dig” the hole for the vault.
Within a short time, these two new styles and sizes of urn vaults were introduced to the Medallion “Family of Products”, launching our “COMPANION” and “SILHOUETTE” cremation urn vaults.

Why Cremation Urn Vaults?

Many bylaws in Canada and the United States require the use of cremation urn vaults to protect cremation urns from the weight of the soil, subsoil elements, and the effects of ongoing grounds maintenance and the occasional need for disinterment. Medallion Cremation Urn Vaults prevent uneven settling on the ground surface, maintaining the beauty of the cemetery lawns while ensuring they are easy to maintain.

The difference between Medallion Cremation Urn Vaults and other interment containers is cemeteries & funeral homes are now able to provide to their their families affordable, lightweight and durable urn vaults and casket liner products that are available in several different styles and sizes. Additionally, all Medallion products are reassuringly dignified in Black Granite or Sandstone colors. They feature a unique design which also provides additional strength and functionality.

Medallion Cremation Urn Vaults are only available for families through funeral homes and cemeteries.

If you are a funeral director or cemetarian and wish to provide our cremation urn vaults to the families you serve, contact us.